Fly to Europe/Iceland for Under 200!

For a short period of time, WOW Air is offering flights to European cities and Iceland for as low as $99. US departure cities range from D.C, Boston, LA and many more major airports. However, this deal of more than 50% off of international flights only lasts until 7pm EST. These discount prices range from... Continue Reading →

Purchasing Airline Tickets – General Knowledge

Whether its your first time flying or you not, purchasing airline tickets can be a pain.   From someone who's booked multiple flights both domestic and international, I've compiled a list of topics that can better help when looking to book flights. The best day to buy tickets: Tuesday & Wednesday Travel experts have named... Continue Reading →

Welcome Onboard – An Introduction

"Välkommen ombord" as we say in Sweden. Thank you for joining us. This is my humble little blog. I know, I know there are many other blogs out there that cover travel and we are at this moment, the youngest. That is why I hope to take this blog in a different direction from the masses. There... Continue Reading →

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