Purchasing Airline Tickets – General Knowledge

Whether its your first time flying or you not, purchasing airline tickets can be a pain.   From someone who’s booked multiple flights both domestic and international, I’ve compiled a list of topics that can better help when looking to book flights.

The best day to buy tickets: Tuesday & Wednesday

  • Travel experts have named Tuesday and Wednesday the best day to purchase flights at a lower price. Often, an airline sale will occur early morning Tuesdays. By midafternoon, their competitors will have matched the sale prices, thus providing travelers with more options.
  • I personally conduct my flight research starting Tuesday, so as to see the potential lowest price, and watch the prices for the next week. This allows me to see the price fluctuations for the whole week, while having plenty of time to compare airlines quality and policies.
  • Sundays tend to be the most expensive days to purchase tickets, partially due to the fact that the weekend is a more popular time for purchasing flight options.

Cheapest Days to Fly:

  • Finding the best times to fly usually follow a pattern. Weekdays are cheaper than the weekends. With that being said, Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday are usually cheaper to fly with Friday and Sundays being the most expensive.

My go-to websites: Google Flights, Skyscanner, Momondo

  • Google Flights: My all time favorite! This is my #1 website to compare different airline’s prices, explore various destinations based on destinations, dates, and price range. I’ve purchased most of my tickets from Google Flights. All images are the same search criteria.

  • Skyscanner: This website is pretty awesome as well. It provides its users with popular destinations, “explore our map” option, and monthly deals, all on the home page! With a simple, attractive interface, its easy to navigate and has an option to search ‘nearby airports’ that may offer a better deal.

  • Momondo: I stumbled across Momondo recently and its great! Above the search results is a barchart comparing prices by date. It also has a ‘timetable’ option for to search prices changes per day based on departure time. This search engine is a great place to book business and premium economy fares as they tend to have fares that are booked lower than other comparable sites.

Tip: Be sure to check BAGGAGE policies for the designated airline. They are all different and airlines are not obligated to make the 1st checked bag free.

Insurance: Yes/No?

  • When it comes to insurance, I highly recommend that flight insurance is purchased through the carrier, especially when traveling internationally. It is affordable and typically covers unexpected events like medical emergencies, bad weather, cancellations, etc. For my flight to Germany ($550), my insurance cost was $38 by Travel Guard Group. This past summer I used Allianz Global Assistance and will posting an article about my experience with this insurance company but long story short, it was WORTH IT.

WHEN to Purchase Your Tickets:

The topic of WHEN to make your flight purchase is always touchy. Purchasing tickets too early can result in missing out on a good deal (as often, airlines will discount seats unfilled). Purchasing tickets too late, risk overpaying.

In my experience, I spend a good 2-3 weeks researching flights, considering departure and arrival airports, and comparing accommodation costs for my dates of travel before making any decisions.

Tip: You can read all about International vs Domestic Flights and important factors to know about each of these in an upcoming post.

For help with Travel Planning: email me at theflyswede@gmail.com

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