Must Have Travel Items

Traveling abroad is a big decision on its own, let alone making sure that you bring the right clothes, pick out the best shoes, and select the most useful miscellaneous items to shove so unceremoniously in your suitcase. Each time I travel, I make sure to bring the following LIFE-SAVING items with me.

Money Belt with RFID Block:

  • This is one of the best things to have and the MOST important. Especially when traveling abroad! Money belts are great to have in general, as they lie flat against your body and are easy to conceal under clothing. It is recommended to pack light and store cash, credit cards, and passport when wearing one. My brand of choice is sold by Peak Gear for $16-18 and includes:
  • RFID block: which prevents electronic pick-pocketing
  • $250 theft insurance for any stolen items
  • 2 global recovery decals to attach to items such as your phone or laptop

Sim Card:

  • If you don’t have a great international data/talk plan with your current carrier and don’t want to spend a lot of money on international roaming charges… I highly recommend purchasing a data only SIM card for your phone. I’ll be posting another article about SIM cards in more depth later on. Because you often need to buy and activate these cards at designated stores, I suggest purchasing the SIM card shown below.
  • This particular card provides the user with 1gb for 15 days. That is more than enough time and data to get you to your destination. Its nerve-wracking enough getting from Point A to B in a foreign country so this SIM cards makes it easier by making sure you have access to a network.
  • I researched alternative ways to purchase a data only card but this one was the best bang for your buck, priced at $15 with an option for 2 day shipping via Amazon prime. Click on the photo to be taken to the link with more info & the list of supported countries.

*Disclaimer: your smart phone will need to be unlocked in order to use.

International Converter

  • Often forgotten, buying an international converter is essential to being able to charge up your devices. Different continents have their own type of electrical socket designs but with Poweradd Travel Adapter, you have all of them in one. I ordered this product myself and LOVE IT. It has 2 full sockets, 2 usb adapters, and a wrap-around micro cord with interchangeable plugs to fit the country you’re exploring. It goes for $25, well worth the price, and considerably cheaper than those found at Best Buy.

Hand Sanitizer

  • As juvenile as packing hand sanitizer with you is, PACK IT. Restaurants often have a “customer only’ policy so its best to have some type of hand sanitizer or wipes with you. I found myself pulling out my germx at least 10x during a busy day touring.

Tissues/Toilet Paper

  • Whether using a public or private bathroom, it’s not uncommon that there will be no toilet paper left. So make sure to pack a small tissue pack or booty friendly sanitizing wipes for when you’re out and about!

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